Sporting Estate Management

We have been managing sporting properties throughout the UK for many years.

The types of property we manage are as varied as the owners themselves, from Grouse Moors to Low Ground Shoots, woodland stalking to fishing and everything in between.

Our management and consultancy work ranges from complete turn-key operations where the owner literally turns up to shoot, to occasional consultancy visits. We tailor our service to meet the client’s requirements.

With many of our managements, we have day to day contact with the keepering team and take full responsibility for a complete management solution. Our staff include ex-Gamekeepers through to qualified Land Agents and between us we have a wealth of knowledge and a very significant number of comparables, which enables us to monitor progress of individual sporting properties.

We are constantly aware of the fact that for most owners, their sporting property is an indulgence and therefore it is essential that we fully understand the owner’s requirements, so that our management is tailored to meet these. We have long standing staff, which enables us to provide consistency which is rather unusual in a world of constant change.

We are conscious of the costs of running sporting properties and we have developed budgeting and cost management systems, which again draws on our experience of other Estates/Shoots/Fisheries. These systems ensure that the client receives good value for money and that their property is performing to a high standard. We have over the years consistently developed the mantra that we spend our client’s money as though it were our own!

Given how isolated many sporting properties are and the solitary nature of their employee’s lives, we believe that our ‘open all hours’ approach to liaising with our clients’ staff on the ground, provides rich returns for our clients. In this we are again a very unusual firm with a seven day a week service, fitting in with how our clients and their employees work.

"JM Osborne set out a 5 year plan and in that time we have gone from no grouse to shooting an excellent and sustainable surplus"

5/ 5 stars

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