Sporting Employment

We are currently involved with approximately 100 Gamekeepers on an almost daily basis. This ranges from large Estates with many Keepers, to single handed Keepers. We are constantly involved in Keeper recruitment and have a good knowledge of Keepers who are looking to move jobs.

We also have experience of under performing Keepers and on the basis that the Shoot is very largely dependent on the ability of the Gamekeeper employed, we have good experience in the termination of employment and how this can best be dealt with. Terminating anyone’s employment is difficult and it is particularly difficult in a non-profit making entity, with personal relationships, which is how many Shoots function. We believe that we are usually able to effect a termination of employment in a professional and cost-effective manner.

We can also advise on levels of remuneration for Keepers and have a particular expertise in Contracts of Employment and the associated paperwork to include Licences for serviced accommodation.

We are able to advise on all aspects of Vicarious Liability and how it affects Scottish Shoots.

"JM Osborne set out a 5 year plan and in that time we have gone from no grouse to shooting an excellent and sustainable surplus"

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