Sale, Purchase & Letting

We are very active in the market place for the sale, purchase and letting of all sporting properties. This includes Grouse Moors, Pheasant and Partridge Shoots, wildfowling (duck shooting), rough shooting, stalking, salmon, sea trout and trout fishing (both Stillwater and on Rivers).

Most usually we act for purchasers and have developed excellent contacts across the country with National and local selling Agents. We believe our detailed knowledge of Shoots up and down the country (which includes Scotland and Wales), enable us to act knowledgably over a wide range of types of sporting property, which greatly facilitates a purchase.

Agents in the main are by definition interested in the transaction, whereas our specialist knowledge of all sporting matters enables us to properly assess sporting properties whether for purchase or to rent. This critical analysis is often in contrast to the hyperbole in the Selling Agents particulars!

Examples of where we have been involved in the sale, purchase or letting of sporting properties are;

  • Bransdale
  • Farleigh
  • Glen Moy
  • Glenogil
  • Knarsdale
  • Lordenshaws
  • Lords Hall Moor
  • Pennyholme
  • Snilesworth
  • Stanhope & Patervan
  • Woodhead and Snailsden

When acting for purchasers or prospective Tenants we usually;

  • Meet with the client to properly understand their requirements.
  • Inspect the property which the client wishes to purchase/rent.
  • Prepare a full Report, which often includes matters which other Agents may not appreciate the importance of, but which will significantly affect the client’s enjoyment of the Sporting Rights and the ability to realise their full potential.
  • Value the property – as we are active in the market place over a wide geographical area, we have recourse to extremely good comparables and are able to undertake detailed and accurate valuations.
  • Negotiation – we have many years experience of negotiating a purchase or lease of sporting properties.
  • We are very happy to act for clients who are seeking to buy a particular type of sporting property and our network of contacts often enables us to achieve purchases off the open market.

"JM Osborne set out a 5 year plan and in that time we have gone from no grouse to shooting an excellent and sustainable surplus"

5/ 5 stars

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