Rural Estate Management

JM Osborne Rural & Sporting offer a full range of management services for rural Estates and land. We pride ourselves on offering our clients a highly personalised service, which makes best use of their assets.

We deal with a wide variety of Estate management activities to ensure that each Estate runs smoothly and efficiently. We often take a long-term view and suggest the putting in place of a strategic business plan which enables an Estate to grow and develop to meet our client’s aspirations.

Our experienced team has a detailed knowledge of managing property and Estates of varying size, from individual properties through to diverse and complex rural Estates. They have gained this experience, and continue to operate nationwide. The Estate management activities that we are involved in include;

  • BPS, HLS, CSS and other Grant Schemes
  • Designated Site Advice
  • Estate Management Plans
  • Forestry
  • In-hand and Contract Farming
  • Planning
  • Diversification
  • Employment
  • Property Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Compensation
  • Asset Management

"We did everything that JM Osborne told us and have benefitted enormously from their very practical advice. They were unlike any other consultants we have come across – most refreshing!"

5/ 5 stars

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